Here's another page I did background pencils and inks on. This time for Megalith issue 2 page three. I'd just started working for Neal Adams Continuity Associates in NYC and was learning the trade with this page. I was given the page before this one and then more ink work on this one. I inked the board being broken in panel 1, and inked everything behind the central figure holding the phone in panel 3. Interestingly enough, panel 4 had the slimmest of backgrounds lightly laid out and I was asked to pencil more destruction and carnage into it. I penciled it in, trying to give it a really devastated 'look' and pop culture historian Arlen Schumer, an awesome artist in his own right did the inking chores on that panel. Studio head Neal Adams did everything else. As was usual with me (when I remembered to) is my name placement or symbol done in a panel, or on a page or two, here and there. (See the red circles). Story and character © Neal Adams Continuity Comics.